Winter with it’s skeletonized trees provides glimpses into the woods not seen at other seasons, especially when there is a carpet of snow.   Allowing the voyeuristic peeks at deer and turkey browsing within the fringes of the woodlot.

It provides a respite from the weekly mowing and weeding, but lacks the color and depth of texture offered by the other seasons.

Sitting by a woodfire with a cup of tea or glass of wine, good book or knitting in hand is a pleasure only offered by the winter chill beyond the glass.

An occassional walk in the snow or ski trip, bundled up against the cold is invigorating and spurs the sedentary body to activity.

 Though I love these aspects of winter, it is my least favorite season.  It always begins with a winding down of the holidays with family and friends, with deconstructing the seasonal decorations and putting them away for another year.  And the dark brought on by the short days and long nights, the days of cloud cover that seem to far outnumber the days of sunshine is unmotivating and drab.

As it is going to be this way for the next 3 or 4 months, at least let it snow, real snow, not the dustings we have had so far.