Again I sit at our table with my breakfast, but today there is no warm pool of sun to enjoy.  The wind is fiercely trying to blow yesterday’s rain clouds away while they squeeze out a bit more moisture in the form of mountain snow showers. The weather has indeed been fickle this winter so far.  Yesterday was in the 50’s and rainy, today it is in the 20’s and clearing.
Ski resorts are struggling with no snow, yet the Alaskan town has an emergency with 18 feet of snow.

As I sit watching the flurries, I am also being entertained by a flock of small birds that have found something of interest at the back of the house and keep landing on the deck rail, cocking their heads to check me out on the other side of the glass and returning to whatever caught their attention outside. While living in Virginia Beach, I used to feed the birds and the persisent squirrels who outfoxed my preventative measures, but have not here in the mountains. I guess that is partly because we have outdoor cats to deter the rodent population, and birds on the deck might prove too much temptation. I plant seed producing flowers and leave them for winter forage instead.

I sit here waiting for a 28′ tractor trailer truck with the log siding for the basement completion, worrying that with all the rain we have had that a truck that size is going to do significant damage to the driveway we finally got finished correctly last summer. That was another tale, in short, the original contractor for the house didn’t know what he was doing and we had a dirt lane, deeply rutted and nearly impassable, that took 3 weeks, much grading, rock removal, changing the pitch, a culvert and lots of gravel to correct.  I love our house, but desperately wish it was complete.  Building a house is one of life’s major stessors.