All good things must  eventually end and this is the last eve of this adventure.  The trip has had a few quirks, maybe not as social as last year’s trip, but overall, it was a great week.  We had three snow falls, the first previously blogged about, made for difficult skiing for us easterners on the first day, the second just a couple of inches on a day we went over to Vail for the day and it was a good day of skiing with more of the group than just hubby, his sister, and me.  The third was 6 to 9 inches of dry powder last night and this morning.  What a surprise to ski when you can’t see your skis, your feet and half way up your shins with no resistance.  I had never had that experience before and it developed into much fun after a run or two when you realize that all is good and the sun came out to give some contour to the slopes.

These trips are a bit of a stretch to our retirement budget and this one more than usual as we both bought our own boots with custom orthotics in them.  They will definitely pay for themselves over the next couple of years in rental savings and for the health and safety of our feet.  I don’t think that skis are in our future since that technology seems to change yearly and renting them alone isn’t quite as expensive.  The boot fitter that we went to was a very knowledgeable and patient young man who took his time with us, and even stayed after hours one night to fit my orthotic (I have weird feet with a narrow heel, normal ball, and arch you can drive under.)

Tonight the group gathers for a potluck dinner night to help rid the 5 condos of the week’s leftovers, some social time, and instructions for the trip home so that hopefully, we don’t lose anyone else and all our luggage arrive home with us.  We will leave here at 8 a.m. mountain time and arrive back in Norfolk at 10:40 p.m. eastern time.  We have reconnected with folks we met on last year’s trip, met some new folks this year and had a tiring but fun week.