It rained last night, all night.  Not a timid drizzle, but torrential downpours with lightening, creek filling rain.  By morning, it was clearing, only partly cloudy and by 10 a.m. it was already near 50, so we headed off to the Cascades, a beautiful 2 mile uphill walk along a creek to an awesome waterfall.

We have made this hike numerous times, our daughter once when her son was an infant, but I think this one is most memorable.  The rain had the creek rushing by us, the falls were gushing over the cliff face.  The mountain runoff creeks poured over and down the trails and we couldn’t even get to the very top because of the runoff.

This was a family event, all 4 adults, our 5 year old grandson who walked the entire 4 miles without complaint, our 3 month old granddaughter being baby worn by her Dad, and the Golden Retriever that travelled to Virginia with them.

Now that we are home again, the adults are all nursing sore legs, dog is out on the floor and grandson is down for one of the few naps he has taken this week.  I think we will all sleep well tonight.