Today is day 5 and though the elephant is still sitting on my chest and I can’t breathe when I lie down, the temperature seems to have abated as I no longer ache in my back and hips.  I’m glad I took a flu shot this year.

My Dad always says, “A cold lasts 6 days if you take medicine, half a dozen if you don’t.”  I’m not a big medicine taker as I generally have the worst side effects they offer up, but I have been taking Musinex DM and ibuprophen for the last few days to just cope.  It is tough to rest when you can’t breathe when you are not standing.

I must be feeling better as I cleaned the table between our recliners.  It had gotten to be a challenge to put anything else on it without it toppling, much like one of the board games our grandsons play.  I also pulled out my knitting again and went back to work on “Yvaine.”  It is a simple pattern and I am using the loveliest of Green Dragon Traditions yarns in the Undersea Twilight color.  Just thought I would share it with you.