Spring is here, happy dance, happy dance.  The weather is unbelieveable for mid March, it is expected to reach the upper 70’s today, the birds are returning to the area and treating us to their song.  In town, the tulips, jonquils, and forsythia are all in bloom.  Up here on the mountain, the buds are swelling, the grass is greening.

The sprout light finally arrived yesterday and the kale, cabbage, and chard seeds were replanted on the heat mat, under the light.  The peppers and tomatoes that were up, perked up toward the light source.

Later today, I will plant 3 beds of peas for shoots and peas.  There is no finer vegetable than peas fresh from the garden before they get starchy.  Shortly, it will be time to plant lettuce, radishes, turnips, and onions.  I see fresh veggies in our future.

It has taken us 6 years, but we finally feel like we have a finished home, yard, and garden.  There is still some landscaping and fencing to be done, but spring brings the weather to accomplish some of these tasks.

I’ve even moved some of the heartier potted herbs out to the deck.