Last Sunday, I posted a list of what I liked about last Sunday morning and thought maybe I would make it a weekly tradition, at least for a while.  It might be text, it might be pics, maybe a bit of both from the past week.

I love that we are enjoying true spring weather, lots of sun, some rain, warmth.
I’m grateful that we are still experiencing good health, a few age related aches aside.
Thankful that our remaining puppy is well behaved and healthy, he was the least distracted at intermediate training yesterday.
Blessed that I have friends that delightfully surprise me.


Pleased that we live near a small town where they have parades not just for holidays;

and that has pleasant walking trails with wildflowers bordering the path.

Thankful that I am loved and thought of by my family and friends.
To borrow a phrase from a friend, I am truly a fortunate woman.