Today I am thankful for many events from my week and Mother’s Day.

I have wanted a spinning wheel for a couple of years, since I got fairly proficient with the drop spindles.  I keep putting it off because they aren’t inexpensive and I haven’t wanted to let hubby bust the budget that much for a gift.  I have not been the lucky raffle winner at a fiber festival.  Midweek at Knit night, one of the young gals was telling us about her recent vacation to a knitting workshop and she won the grand prize of a new spinning wheel.  She already had one that she had purchased cheap on Craig’s list and she and her boyfriend repaired it to an again usable state.  She is going to sell it to me for what she paid for it and it’s repairs.  Yay, I am going to get my wheel without breaking the bank.

This week the weather has been seasonable and dry for the latter half of the week, thus allowing me to finish planting and mulching the vegetable garden, to weed the perennial beds around the house, plant more perennials, week wacked around the vegetable garden, the house and the fruit trees, all without having heat stroke.

We have managed to get in nearly daily walks on the local trails with the puppy, still enjoying the wildflowers blooming.

We added a treadmill to our rec room, so now I can get up in the mornings, go straight down and put in an hour exercising before the daily schedule gets in the way of taking care of myself.

I have actually spent some time working on two knitting projects, both two socks at a time, adding some socks to my winter wardrobe once they are finished.

Grateful that my hubby took me to Mountain Lake Hotel (where they filmed “Dirty Dancing”) which is only a few miles from our home for their decadent Mother’s Day brunch this morning.  This was slightly dampened as we had no kids with us this year as we have in years past.  But, on the up side, all three kids have called to wish me a happy Mother’s Day, so I have had a special day and week.