This week, I am thankful for the beautiful weather that has allowed us to finish mowing the parts of the farm that can not be used for hay and for the haying process now in progress.  The baling is being done as I write with about 42 bales done and most of the big hayfield still to do.  These aren’t little Lowe’s style square bales, they are 4 X 5 1/2′ round bales that weight half a ton each.  You can see a couple in the background.

The the bounty of the garden in greens, lettuce, peas, turnips and radishes and enjoying watching the tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, alliums, beans, squash and cukes growing and thriving.

The red Gerber daisies and lantana on the deck that are attracting daily hummingbirds, tiny and glittering as they flit around.

The beauty of this mountain community we chose, such a great place to live.

I am indeed a lucky woman.