Yesterday actually reached 90 up here in the mountains, not a usual state of affairs, especially this early in the summer.  Our A/C has only been on a handful of days since we moved here and then generally only when we have house guests.

Because the humidity is beginning to buckle the newly laid bamboo floor in the basement, we are running a dehumidifier down there, but also turned on the air last evening when it seemed too hot to sleep.

This morning, it was cooler outside than in,  but like the past few days, we were socked in.

It is beginning to warm up, predicting another scorching day ahead and clearing the morning fog.

Last winter, my love purchased a Flower share from one of our local organic farmer friends as an anniversary gift. At the time, I posted a photo of the dried bouquet that started it off and yesterday, we picked up the first of 10 lovely bouquets of fresh flowers for the summer. Each bouquet to choose from, was prettier than the next and I actually chose a soft pastel one that is not my usual choice of colors, but I know that there will be sunflowers and other bright spots later in the season.