Like all good things, our vacation has come to an end.  Sadly we left for home this morning, giving lots of hugs and kisses to our daughter and her two delightful kids.  Goodbyes to her husband were made last night as he leaves home at the crack of dawn for work.
We had a delightful week plus with them, with our 7 year old grandson getting along beautifully with our 5 year old Florida grandson and our 7 month old granddaughter taking only a few minutes to decide that we weren’t strangers and fueling us with smiles, giggles and snuggles constantly.  Though their 80 lb Golden did not take well to the 100+ lb Mastiff puppy we brought with us, that too was resolved with a closed door, baby gate, or the use of the wire kennel we toted down with us.
The grandboys and their granddad enjoyed two trips to Siesta Key for some sand, sun, and splash time.  Daughter and I enjoyed not one, but two trips to A Good Yarn for Cascade Vintage for two projects for my granddaughter, some fleece that I will spin and knit into a scarf for my daughter, and a ball of Zauberball sock yarn as my “souvenir” from the trip.
Our two days at Disney World Resorts was overwhelming, hot, and so much fun with kids.  We dined at T-Rex cafe in Downtown Disney.  The boys got Legos from the Lego Adventure store, took photos in front of the various Lego sculptures, T-shirts from the world’s largest Disney Store, and a new Mickey Mouse school backpack for the 7 year old.  We rode rides for all age levels (most of which were OK, but Space Mountain hurt my back and gave me vertigo), got hot and went back at midday to the All Star Movies hotel where we stayed  for lunch and naps and then went back to Magic Kingdom for more rides, dinner, and ice cream before collapsing around midnight.
Because we have dog and kid, we are breaking up the trip home with a hotel night about halfway home and tomorrow, picking up our new German Shepherd family member in route.  Once home, we will have to clean out the fridge and both freezers from the power outtage we left 12 days ago, but it seems a small price for the fun we had in Florida.