I have left hubby and the puppies home to drive to Northern Virginia to return our son and grandson to their home, rather than putting them on the bus for 4 1/2 hours.

Yesterday, son and I with some assistance from hubby, built an great, huge, and enormously heavy unit for the root cellar/industrial part of the basement, that part that was not finished this winter.  The unit has two 6 feet long by 2 feet deep shelves of 2 by 6 tongue and grove boards for holding canned and dry goods, plus 3 other shelves of hardware cloth for the curing and storage of root vegetables and winter squash.

This morning at the literal crack of dawn, I was harvesting a substantial box of produce to bring with them and half past the crack of dawn, we hit the road in order to meet an internet  repair guy at their house just after lunch.  An afternoon of helping son repair a leaky toilet that was patched at least three different times in the past, resulting in the purchase of all the interior parts of the tank and a new water line in 3 different visits to the plumbing store has restored the functionality of the fixture.  We are all quiet now, pursuing tasks in separate rooms and winding down for the night.

As their family chose to use public transport up here, I am going to help him with one or two more errands that would result in either extended bus rides with the 7 year old or walking 10 blocks with a heavy flat of goods, then head home to the mountains tomorrow morning.  The tomatoes are starting to ripen many pounds a day, so I should be busy for a while at home just preparing them for winter use.  No more travel in my future until late August when I will return up here to help with childcare as I did last fall when they start back to school a week before their son.

It has been a wonderful month long visit with our grandson and seeing our son again.  As a gift from his stay in Mexico, he brought me this beautiful blouse, hand made by the indigenous Mayan women in the region in which he stayed.