This post is about puppies and knitting, so…if you aren’t interested in either, today’s post is not for you.

     In early March, hubby and I bought a 9 week old English Mastiff puppy, expecting that we were bringing home an entity that would require, at least for a while, the care of a new baby.  We were blessedly wrong, they are extremely easy pups with a huge bladder, great control and very little urge to chew on things they shouldn’t.  Basically, they are lazy, slug lazy, lawn ornament lazy, but gentle and loveable.

     Next, enter the young German Shepherd pup to raise with him.  This pup is on speed, all the time.  Constantly into things she shouldn’t be, such as shoes, furniture, and has the bladder control of an old lady sneezing.

     Mastiff could be left unattended in the house by 5 months and didn’t need to be kenneled at night.  Shepherd is an untrustworthy little wench.  After we had her for 6 weeks and she was 5 months old, we ventured to leave them both loose in the house for about an hour while hubby was out and I was mowing.  I came in to find this

several partial skeins of yarn strung over the living room, dining room and upstairs from our bedroom into the loft.  I was not amused, but salvaged what I could, threw away the rest and decided that she must be kenneled when we were out without them.  One evening last week, we decided to run down to the local store, about 2 miles away to get some ice cream.  We took the pups out, then left them with their toys in the house and came home to find that she had chewed a silver dollar size hole in the middle of my favorite sock yarn shawl, chewed on the edge of a scarf of my handspun yarn that I was finishing for a gift, and chewed clear through the power cord of hubby’s laptop and we weren’t gone 30 minutes.  I should have taken photos of that damage, but too frustrated with her for the damage and us for trusting her again.  Then two nights ago, the Mastiff decided that since hubby was asleep and Shadow was kennelled, that he would tackle one of the log siding walls in our bedroom, so I guess he can’t be trusted out either.

 I will be making home repairs when I return from my babysitting gig, and while here, I have unraveled the shawl, rewound it and have cast on a new shawl out of a different pattern.  I guess knitting is really a process not a product and it is one of my favorite yarns to knit, so I get to enjoy it again.