Hubby left this morning for a couple of days with our youngest son and his family at Great Wolf Lodge.  I stayed home to puppy sit as Shadow is too soon out of her spaying for boarding.  Shortly after he departed, I set to work weeding the garden.  I have maintained the areas that are actively in use with tomatoes, peppers, beans and herbs, but have neglected the beds that were harvested earlier, the ones that had the peas, potatoes, garlic, onions and shallots and the early beans and cucumbers.  Only about 30% of the garden was in productions this morning, leaving me with 70% plus paths that were grossly overgrown.  The garden space is about 30 to 35 feet square, divided into 5  four foot wide beds, some boxed into 4 foot squares, some just long bordered beds.
     It took me four hours to weed the beds and paths, leaving me with lots of space to reorganize and plant for the fall.  The garlic and walking onions, along with a winter cover crop seed was ordered during the summer and shipped yesterday.  The alliums will take two squares and will be heavily mulched for summer harvest next year.  The local garden center had salad mix, cabbage and broccoli seedlings and blueberry bushes on sale, so when I went into town to get tractor fuel, I bought some seedlings and bushes for the garden.  The fall plants are in with the chard and kale and will be covered on cold nights to get the maximum harvest from them.
     The southern most bed was two raspberry bushes and two blueberry bushes.  The raspberries send out shoots in all directions and since I planned to utilize a bit less of the garden for annual veggies next year, I moved and divided the raspberries, giving them an entire bed and now having 6 bushes for next year.  This gave me space to plant 3 new blueberry bushes, giving them an entire bed.  These two beds were heavily mulched with straw.

     Right now, the new bushes and fall veggies are getting an artifical rain from the sprinkler.  Tomorrow I will tackle pruning, staking and tying up the two grape vines and harvesting tomatoes and jalapenos again, finish mowing the back yard and around the garden area and making yet another pot of pasta sauce for winter enjoyment.

     As for me, I’ve polished off a huge greek salad and am thinking about a nice long hot bath in our huge tub with a glass of something nice and red.