The difference an overnight makes is amazing.  Our guests left Monday morning to complete their drive to Philly with heavy low skies.  By noon, it was raining, and rain it did, all the rest of the day, all night, and all day yesterday.  But the days were moderately warm and the nights not as chilly as they have been of late.  Around 10 o’clock last night, the wind whipped up and blew through as it often does in this hollow, whistling around the house and it got very chilly.
    The wind must have been a front, this morning is bright and clear, chilly and all the recently mowed fields greened up again.
     Fall is in the air.  Some of the trees hinting at the color they will wear in a few short weeks for the few short weeks until they are bare for the winter months.  The pumpkin festivals begin soon, the garden will be ended, except for two 4 by 4 foot beds of fall greens, covered with row covers during the day and frost covers when needed at night to try to extend the season of fresh goodies into late fall or early winter when anything fresh is welcome.  I didn’t grow any winter squash this year, maybe a few from the farmer’s market will be stashed in the root cellar for stuffing with rice and sausage filling for a cold night’s meal.
     Today, we await the return of our cousins as they motor their way back to Georgia and to enjoy another evening spent with them savoring some of the last of the summer fare.