It is a beautful fall day.
Nearly cloudless, the blue sky is vivid.
After a near frost two nights ago, the temperature have again moderated to what we expect this time of year and the morning is warm and dry.
Mockingbirds unseen are warbling through their repetoire of song.
“Ferdinand” the neighbor’s bull has again been breaking through to our yard though we still have no cows to attract him, I guess it is just the adage that the grass is always greener.  He is stubborn this fall and resists being chased back to his own side and we fear some for the pups’ safety as they both charge barking at him if we let them out without checking first for his presence.
The forsythia, a bush I love at two seasons, as it blooms in trails of yellow in the spring and in the fall as it wears its stunning plum coat is at it’s best.

Life is good at our mountain home, indeed, life is good.