Our first computer was a Tandy purchased when our children were very young and I was still teaching and “needed” it to create exam question bases.  Of course it was used more by the kids playing Space Quest and other games, but it didn’t take long to realize how much it could be used.

As the years passed, there was always a desktop in the house.  Kids used it for school work, by then I was a school counselor and only used one at work as they were installed in our offices and student data bases were added.  Then I started volunteering as an adult leader with the Boy Scouts and one of my duties for a while was treasurer, which involved keeping up with dues and fees for trips.  Working on paper at the meetings, then coming home and putting the into into a data base, first Excel, then Access.  At this point, hubby took pity on me and bought me a laptop for Christmas and I was hooked.

The internet improved, email became common, then social networking, smart phones and finally ebooks.  Like so many others, I was addicted to the electronic age, the lap top was replaced when the first one failed at age 7.  I’m not a big fan of television, never have been in my adult life, but I love to read and getting an e-reader that I could carry with a whole library of books on it was heaven.  My first e-reader met with an untimely end, my laptop was less important as I was retired and one son was in grad school, so the laptop had been passed on to him for school as I could do email and internet searches on my e-reader, so I was lost without it.  We replaced it 14 months ago with a Tablet.  Much research, playing with them at the store, etc., I went with an Android based tablet with a detachable keyboard that made it look like a laptop mini when attached and I began this blog.

At just about a year old, the tablet started having intermittent screen failure and it was returned for warranty repair, only to find the extended warranty we had purchased was not as advertised and it was no longer under warranty.  That was another blog a few weeks back.  Then a bit over a week ago, it ceased taking a charge and wouldn’t turn on at all.  Again, I am without, having only my phone to connect to the internet and social networks, and I can not do my blog on it.  The tablet has been with an independent repair guy in town for 4 or 5 work days now and I haven’t heard any news or gotten an estimate, so I have been down, blogwise and emotionally.  I read a book and a half on my phone screen trying to get to one in a series I had purchased in paper for our trip to Texas and realized it was 4th in a series.  I finally found books two and three in the library and checked them out.  This morning’s blog is being done on hubby’s laptop while he is not using it, but I miss my tablet.

If it is unrepairable, I guess a new one will be on my birthday/Christmas wish list, but I think I will change brands.