My tablet is home and once I realized that the new charger from Radio Shack had a polarity to the USB adapter, it took a charge.  The loose connection to the screen is repaired so far and the screen turns on as it is supposed to.  The other issues with this tablet have to do with the entire line of these tablets and I suppose they will be corrected with the newer models, such as a noticable lag time between your command and its response to you, limit to Android apps for word processing and data work and Androids poor response to Blogger, I have to type my text in Blogger on Android, then open the blog in Firefox to add pictures as typing text in Firefox on the tablet results in a jumbled confused mess.  The tablet brand choice was unwise, I fear, but I shall use it until it again fails and reevaluate the market, or perhaps return to a laptop mini.

     At any rate, the week plus near absence has resulted in so many autumn changes.  In the past ten days, the woods have become gold, orange, crimson and plum.  This is a beautiful, albeit brief period before the year’s leaves blanket the woods floor, we can see our two nearest neighbor’s houses through the barren trees, and we await some winter snow for it’s beauty.

     The weather has hovered just above freezing at night, rising to 60’s and low 70’s daily to allow some late blooming of sunflowers and daisies and the thriving of the peppers and fall greens and brassicas in the garden.

     The pups revel in the weather, romping and chasing without overheating, laying in the sun when it is chilly.  The grass has greened up like spring and this has “Ferdinand,” the neighbor’s bull making multiple soiries into our yard daily to feed and fertilize.  The fence has yet to be repaired and it isn’t our job.  The pups continue to see him as a threat instead of just going about their business and play and leaving him alone.  Fortunately he isn’t an agressive bull, just stubborn.  We fear for the pups if they get too close, trying to bark him away, that he might kick out which would probably not end well, so I continue to “out bull” him with the tractor and run him off.  I have learned that if I approach quickly with the engine reved, he bolts before I get to him and if I pursue quickly, he picks up speed and leaves without abusing our trees on the way.

     The tablet absence also allowed me to complete a sweater for our youngest granddaughter who will be visiting from Florida for Thanksgiving and her first birthday, and to get a good start on a hoodie for her almost  6 year old brother as he has spurted up and outgrown last year’s sweater from Mommom, and to read 2 books checked out of the library.

     Life is grand in the mountains, and I’m back!!!