Today as always, I love my husband, for so many reasons; standing by me through good and bad times, being a good Dad to our kids, loving me for so many years together.
     I love our children for keeping me young and giving me gray hair, all of their antics growing up that at times made us wonder why we had kids and others filled our hearts with pride at their accomplishments.  And for bringinng 3 more kids to love in their partners and 5 beautiful grandchildren to love and continue to keep us young.
     I love our home in the mountains with the starkly changing seasons, a log home of our design and with the sweat and blood of family and friends in its construction.   The views changing with each season, the wildlife that provides entertainment to observe and amazement to our city visitors, and the millions of stars visible where there are no city lights to obscure them.
     My father, who taught me to be self sufficient and independent and who having grown up in an era of predjudice, taught us not to judge others by their differences.
     I am blessed to have two siblings and 4 cousins who keep in touch.
     I love the 2 silly pups that entertain with their wrestling and chasing and the unconditional love they offer.
     I am fortunate to be living in a country where I have a say in who will run our  government, have the freedom to dress as I wish, travel when I want, worship if I choose.