Today is tree day for us, much later than usual and it means such a short time to enjoy it, but thus it is.  Today dawned cold and gray, rain forecast this afternoon, snow tonight and tomorrow.   The house prepared, the carpet vacuumed, we properly bundled up for a trek on the local tree farm hill sides to pick the right one to adorn the house this year.  Our first choice tree farm had no one there at 10 o’clock and no hours posted, so we drove about 6 miles to the other local farm to find a delightful gift shop and trees of all sizes and shapes from which to chose.

This one?  No too small.  How about that one?  No too tall.

    Finally we found just the right tree for this year, maybe 7 to 8 feet.  Got it cut and loaded on the car, bought some local beef from the shop and a couple of last minute gifts and home to unload it.  Arriving home, we found, not just Ferdinand, but 6 of his harem, happily grazing in our yard with one young cow almost off our property and up on the road.  A bit of herding them deeper into our property was in order, until we could call the owner to alert them.

Wish they were ours, but still not sufficient fencing to keep them in, but then again, the owner can’t keep them in either.

     The tree was unloaded and put in water while we ran some errands in town, leaving it to drink its fill while standing on the porch.

     The neighbors, were repairing the fence again and rounding up their herd when we returned home, so no kebobs on the hoof left.  The tree was brought in and put in its stand with more water and the branches freed from the twine and allowed to fall back in shape.

We wonder if the pups will leave it alone.  Merry Christmas to all.