We had signed up for a 3 day ski trip with our local ski club as a warm up for a Colorado trip a bit later in the winter.  Our power had come back on, laundry had been done at the laundromat and we figured since it was paid for, we should go ahead and enjoy it.  The trip was to one of West Virginia’s ski resorts.  The club had rented a 5 story house that sleeps an army  and we arrived with a couple dozen others just as the bottom fell out of the thermometer.  We awoke today to negative 3 temperature and a wind chill taking it into the double digit negatives.  No one rushed to get out, though the temps are low and they are making snow as fast as they can, they have had periods of cold then warm and have had a hard time accumulating a base, so very few runs are open and -3 is cold.  The high today was 8 degrees.  No exposed skin is safe and my goggles arrived unusable.  Another skier loaned me another pair, but they weren’t designed to fit over glasses and fogged both my glasses and the goggles as soon as I put them on.  After 2 runs this late morning, we quit, went into town away from the slopes for lunch and to a ski shop to find me new goggles designed for glasses.  Back out to the slopes for a couple more frigid runs and we quit for the day.  The hot tub is on a back deck and felt wonderful while you were in it, but getting too and from was hypothermic. The house also has an indoor pool, but we haven’t ventured into it.

     Tomorrow is supposed to make it to the mid teens, so maybe a few more minutes can be tolerated outdoors.