The severe weather in the south has thankfully missed my family living in Georgia.  It is raining hard here, with flash flood warnings and the threat of more trees down and power outages.  The floods are not really a threat to us this high on the mountain and our creek is lower than our house.  The weather was a discouragement to drive two towns over to my weekly knit night.  I missed them last week while we were skiing, and I was looking forward to the socialization, but I don’t like to drive at night in good weather, so venturing out tonight wasn’t going to happen.
     Instead of knitting with the ladies, I stayed in and spent the evening spinning.  I finished half of a 4 ounce bag of Merino that I bought with my daughter in Florida last summer and plied about 130 yards of 9 wpi (worsted) weight yarn for her.  I don’t know what she will do with it when I finish and mail it to her, but it has been interesting to spin and I learned Navajo plying to try to keep the colors interesting.