The morning is bleak, heavy clouds hanging over the peaks and obscuring their tops.  The deck, east windows, and cars are shelled in a layer of ice, wind is howling and the precipitation is a mix of solids and liquids.  The forecast for the next 3 days hops from freezing rain and sleet, to snow, to rain and back to snow.  Not pretty, not recreational, a hazard to be out in it.  My sinuses warned me of this late yesterday.

The unusual feature of this winter yuck is that the wind is coming from the east, the clouds are blowing toward the west.  We rarely have a wind from this direction on the mountain.  If the pattern of the past few weeks holds, this system will be followed by a day or two of warmer than seasonal temperatures, rising to near 50.

The wetter than average winter has taken a toll on our driveway and front lawn, the pups playing there have helped tear up the lawn.  Spring will bring seeding, grading and a new load or two of gravel.