Sixteen chicks in their new habitat.  Already they can get out of the 28 gallon washtub.  We started with 17, but when you buy chicks who are shipped within hours of hatching and they are only a day or two old when purchased at Tractor Supply, that happens, especially when it is still winter like weather here.  The remaining 16 are thriving.  The youngest, the Cornish Rock cross for meat, grow quickly and are already the biggest and most active.  They were so tiny on Tuesday, when we brought them home and are now larger than the Red Rocks that were about a week old already on Monday when we brought them home, they already were developing wing and tail feathers, but they have been surpassed in growth.  The remaining Rhode Island Reds and Silver Laced Wyandottes, the potential egg layers are still cute cuddly little chicks.