Today is chilly but sunny and the nursery had cabbage, kale, broccoli and lettuce mixes as seedlings.  This was enough incentive to weed the two covered beds to plant the seedlings and I was delighted to find the lavender survived the winter, the parsley coming back in one bed and in the other bed, where I cut off the cabbage heads last fall, there are small heads forming on the side of the stalk and the purple kale overwintered.  The 8 kale plants, 4 cabbages, 4 broccoli and 4 lettuce plants have joined them under the row covers to ward off light frost and cabbage worms.
     The orchard is now fenced with electric and should keep the deer and dogs out of the garden and orchard.  Tomorrow is also supposed to be another nice day, so I will erect the chicken run.  They benefitted from my efforts with a small lettuce head and a handful of bugs as a supplemental treat to their chick feed.
     It really seems like we might be edging into spring, though I needed a fleece and a hat and gloves to work outside today.  I got the basil seed and will get them started this afternoon too.
     Another season has commenced.