This morning, I left Florida and my week long mom-cation for our daughter.  It was a delightful week of daughter time, grandkid love and a successful surprise birthday party for our son-in-law.  Grandson was sick the entire week unfortunately, but it gave him more time at home while I was there.  Our 16 month old granddaughter took better than half a week to warm up to me, other than to make faces and laugh when I made them back, but snuggles were forthcoming later in the week.  She is adorable, with a blossoming vocabulary that seemed to expand even while I was there.  I was able to help with chores, cook some meals, and try to give our daughter a little less stress and was glad to be able to do it.
     While I was gone, our youngest son and his family, another 6 year old grandson and almost 2 year old granddaughter, arrived here and spent a few days with hubby, the pups and chicks.  The chick doubled in size and seriously out grew the 110 gallon animal watering trough that we were using as a brooder.  My return early enough this afternoon, allowed me to relocate them from the too small and very dirty brooder into their coop with clean bedding and relocated water and food source.  Tomorrow I will make a 5 gallon waterer for them and in a few days they will be allowed into their outdoor run during the days, hopefully to return to the coop at night without me having to catch each and close them in.

     Also while I was gone, spring arrived, the fields are green, the trees are blooming; forsythia, maple, cherry, peaches, redbuds.  Some of the trees have squirrel ear leaves, and the weeds in the garden took off.  I am going to have to get out there promptly and take a hoe to it or I will end up on my hands and knees aggravating my arthritis and trigger finger symptoms hand weeding.  The seedlings indoors are looking healthy and should soon be able to be transplanted into the beds for summer produce and flowers.
     It was a great change of pace last week, but I am delighted to be back home and see that spring
has arrived.  About 3 more weeks to get past the last frost date and the garden will be in full swing.  We already need to mow around the house.