This morning at 8 a.m., hubby checked in for outpatient arthroscopic knee surgery to see why and or repair whatever has been causing him pain for the past 8 weeks.  I had prepared a bag with knitting and magazines and ended up with his newspaper for the wait.  Last night neither of us slept, maybe getting a two hour nap after 4 a.m., but nothing more.  The wait was in his pre-surgery room for two hours while he was taken to surgery then recovery before he was returned to finish recovery.  My best laid plan to entertain myself was a complete fail, I was too tired to read, too unfocused to knit on the project that I had taken, so mostly I just sat.
     Though he seemed to be feeling a fair amount of pain right after, he seems to be reasonably comfortable now, sitting in his recliner with his leg elevated and ice on it.  After settling him in with his ice pack and a beverage, I measured the yarn that I made last night, about 213+ yards of fingering to sport weight.  The photo taken in daylight shows the more muted colors.  There is more of the fiber to spin into a maybe another 100 or so yards, then it will be washed and set aside until I decide what it wants to be.

     I’m hoping that his recovery continues to be easy and that we can soon resume doggie walks and horseback riding.