My spinning mojo was off for a while.  Everytime I sat down to spin, either the roving pulled out of my hands, I spun too thinly and it broke or I feared it would, or something would come up to draw me away.
     After last week’s whirlwind work session and this week’s surgery for hubby, it seemed like a good week to sit and get my mojo back.  I had started 4 ounces of 70% Merino wool 30% silk in a colorway combination that my knitting friends would never attribute to me, it isn’t blue or red.  The color is called Jamaica and is cream, copper, yellow, green, merlot, navy and a purple blue carded in such a way that it does not stripe, but blends.
     The initial two bobbins were plied to 213 yards of two ply about 14 to 16 wpi, maybe light fingering weight.  The remaining roving was spun a tad thicker and Navajo plied to a three ply of about 85 yards of sport weight yarn.  I have no idea what to make with it, but it is lovely and so soft.

     There is the tiniest bit of the roving left and several other samples of different roving that I have collected and I am trying to figure out what I can make with them.  My plan is to use them to learn on my new wheel that is supposed to be delivered by FedEx tomorrow.  Maybe I can spin fingering weight yarn, knit small squares and begin a blanket of homespun leftovers.
     My current wheel has already been spoken for and is cleaned and oiled and awaiting delivery to her new owner.