Yesterday, the missing parts ordered for my new wheel arrived and the wheel assembly was finished.  Over the year that I have been spinning, I have accumulated a few small bunches of roving of various fiber, some from just not finishing roving I was spinning, some the wee giftees from the friend from whom I purchased my first wheel, and a few left from when I was drop spindle spinning.  I pulled out some Merino, an easy to spin fiber and tried out the new wheel.
     It is a learning curve to change wheels, I don’t know how people with multiple wheels manage it.  The first few tries resulted in the roving getting too thin and disappearing onto the bobbin while I still had the rest in my hands.  After a number of false starts, I got the hang of it, I thought, and spun the remaining few yards of Merino, switching to a Merino/Silk blend and feeling pretty good about the wheel when the roving broke and I lost the end on the bobbin.  After trying to find it for a while, I gave up.  Today I resumed looking for the lost end to no avail and cut the single near where the end should be and worked backward until I had a solid single to begin on again.
     This afternoon has been a fun experiment, using Corriedale in vivid colors, Blue Faced Leicester/Silk blend and pure Alpaca to create a funky bobbin of single that I am going to ply with a neutral and use to knit blanket squares.  Maybe someday, there will be a blanket or throw to warm us on a cold evening and it will be made entirely of homespun yarn.

     I am in love with my new wheel and still adore the spinning process.