Today we are enjoying summer afternoon thunderstorms.  Since the farm work is caught up, the house is dusted and vacuumed, I am enjoying some crafting time.

On the spinning wheel I’m spinning the wine part of a wine and roses yarn.  The dark wine color will be plied with the rose colored merino to make what I hope is worsted weight yarn.

On the needles is homespun by Kirsten of Echo Valley Finnsheep.  It is called Licorice with Vanilla.  These two yarns along with the Jamica that I spun recently are being knit into little stuffed bunnies from a pattern Henry’s Rabbits on Ravelry.  They will be given to our granddaughters and our daughter and son-in-laws new nephew.
     It seemed time to finally start knitting some of my homespun yarn and since most of my homespun are too little yardage to knit much but hats and scarves, toys are a good use for the fiber goodness.