While the west is sweltering, we are summer hot, but staying mostly in the mid 80’s and cooling to wonderful sleeping weather at night.
      While many areas of the country are arid and into years of drought, we are getting rain.  The garden is thriving, including the weeds, but what are weeds, just wildflowers growing where you don’t want them.
      Our children are pushing on with their lives as adults with families of their own.  Dealing with their own issues and sometimes coming to us for advice.  One is working on a PhD, one is just finishing a MBA, one has just bought a first house.  It pleases us that they are all strong and independent, loving and generous with their children for us to love.
      Grateful for the beautiful spot of Mother Nature that we found, bought, and built on.  Every day brings us glimpses of deer, turkeys, red tailed hawks, bunnies, chipmunks and more.  Wildflowers abound in the yard and ditches, changing with the months that pass.
One of my favorites is Moth Mullein, shooting spikes of white, pink or yellow blossoms toward the sky.
     Thankful for acres to grow gardens and chickens, for dogs to run and maybe someday horses and beef cattle.
      Life is good.