Half of this past week was spent on the road and helping with childcare in Northern Virginia and during the whole week, we have had rain and more rain and more rain.  Our creek and run off creek are flowing so hard they have filled the bottom of the sinkhole and are running down the old creek bed that only sees water about once a year, some years it remains dry.
     The rain has the garden growing vigorously, but it the paths and berry beds are quickly being overtaken by weeds.

The sunflowers are nearly as tall as I am.

The chicken ark in the background is now empty and will remain so until the fall order of meat chickens arrives for our eldest son and his family, though they will spend the first five weeks they are here in the brooder in the garage.

The week brought our first eggs.  We know they were layed by the Rock Red cross pullets because they were found in the chicken ark and the one Rock Red we harvested was full of developing eggs.  Because of that, she was the first we harvested, we moved the other three to the hen house and three of the other pullets were harvested instead.  None of them showed any signs of being ready to lay, so we will have to be content with two or three eggs every couple of day for a few more weeks.

The rain has also provided a spot of color in the flower bed along with many weeds seen under the flowers.  If we don’t mold, wet rot, or float away, there will be some days of weeding in my future.
Life is good on the farm.