This week has had family visiting, as eldest son was here until Sunday and eldest grandson stayed on until yesterday.  It has rained nearly every day, but we did get one good day to take grandson to the local public pool for a swim.  He is so much more adventuresome than last summer.  He must have gone down the tallest tube slide a couple dozen times and by the time we left, his eyes were so bloodshot, he complained all through dinner.

     The week has been an adjustment for the hens, as we harvested 3 of the young hens last week and added 3 that had previously been separated as culls and put in a different pen.  They seem to be working out their new pecking order and will actually all gather if I throw out scratch over a broad enough area.

     It has been too rainy for much gardening, a bit of weeding or harvesting when the opportunity presents and enjoying the cabbage, kale and peas that have matured.  So far that and an occasional pepper are all we are getting.  The winter squash and one of the pumpkins have all wilted, either root rot or squash borers.  I don’t know if there is enough time to plant more before the season here in the mountains ends.
     Yesterday I drove grandson home to Northern Virginia in time for his weekly guitar lesson, spent the night with them.  There has been a lot of road time the past two weeks.  We are home now for a month before it starts again, but during that month, we will have our daughter and her family here for a bit more than a week visiting and getting more grandkid time.