Hubby seems to be on the mend, both his knee and his broken toe are healing and he can again walk around without discomfort.  If we can get the Ranger beast to get in his car and not be aggressive toward other dogs, we can again go walking.

The bounty from our garden is beginning to fill our freezer and pantry for the winter.  The freezer contains the peas from the spring planting and will be supplemented with a fall planting next month, though it is never as good.  We have greens for us and for the chickens, the bush beans just beginning to develop, we will have our first picking of them tonight.  Cucumbers are forming, so there will be salads and pickles.  The garlic yield was 91 heads, curing in the garage.


and a supply of potato onions curing in the root cellar.


The young hens are beginning to lay so soon we will have a supply of fresh eggs.


So far there have only been three, but the girls are only 16 to 18 weeks old, so it is a start.

Life is good here in the mountains and I love our home and the area.