Last week’s heat wave has moderated to normal summer temperatures, still hot, but mostly tolerable.  The humidity is still wicked and we must be approaching a record for rainfall, at last report, we were only 8″ from the total normally received in an entire year.  The rain has wrecked havoc with the garden this year, the weeds growing fast enough to watch them.  The beans, peppers and cucumbers love it, the tomatoes not so much.  The plants look ok, but there are very few tomatoes and they aren’t ripening.  There is a stellar crop of grapes, I am hoping when they ripen to be able to make grape jelly.

     The garlic has cured and was moved to the root cellar shelves today.


There are now 4 pints of dill pickle spears brining in the refrigerator. The frozen vegetables are accumulating in the freezer. A second planting of beans has been done, the peas will follow soon, the cabbage and chard sprouts are developing on the back deck and they will soon be planted in the garden as well.
The young hens are reaching laying age, we are getting 2 eggs a day from them and hope to be getting about a half dozen a day soon.
It is such a delight to be able to eat from the garden and know that there will be home grown produce this winter and to decorate the house with flowers from the gardens.