The farm from the SW corner

     It is still a cool hazy morning, a delight in the summer.  Last night dipped to 52f, I can definitely sleep in that kind of weather.  The A/C is off, the windows open, the humidity is tolerable.  Tomorrow, we again get rain, but today is to be enjoyed for what it is.

The morning has been productive, adding hay to the coop, some garden weeding and planting for a fall garden. Last week I planted a bed of green beans, a second planting which won’t produce as many beans, but will give us a much longer growing season for them. This morning, 8 Swiss Chard seedlings, 18 broccoli seedlings, and 24 cabbage seedlings were added to give us some variation for the winter. There will be another planting of peas in a couple of weeks and again, they may or may not give us a crop depending on how hot the late summer is and when we get our first frost this year. Any harvest will add to the peas already frozen.
The sole pumpkin looks very sickly this morning. None of the winter squash survived and produced this year. Such is the life in the garden, some plants thrive on the weather of the season, others falter and die. The cucumbers are prolific this year. The 2 small okra plants provide a few okra every few days and most of it gets roasted with other veggies or steamed whole with beans and I enjoy them fresh. So far it is not a good year for tomatoes, there are fruit on the plants, but they are still green, the only 2 to pink up dropped with blossom end rot. I guess I need more calcium in that bed and they could do with less water, but I have no control over that.
The chicks are now producing 4 to 5 eggs a day, more than we will eat. After our family who will be visiting for 10 days beginning tomorrow morning leave, I will have to find others who would enjoy a few fresh eggs periodically.
Life is good on the farm.