Today dawned quite chilly, only 43f , gray and again foggy.  The sun peeked out briefly and it had risen to the low 60’s with another 40 something night expected.  We will awaken to a frost soon, within the next couple of weeks.  The stinky young meat chicks seem to be handling the chilly nights, still benefitting from the heat lamp and partially covered chicken tractor.  This breed will not go up on the perches, they huddle on the ground, so the partial cover will likely remain even after the heat lamp is removed, just to provide them some protection from wind and rain.



     In spite of the very cool nights, the fall planting of bush beans is providing and still blooming and hopefully will continue to do so until the frost.  The only remaining tomato plant is a volunteer of a heritage variety of plum tomato that I planted last year.  It came up just outside the bed where they were planted, a bed that is now the grape bed.  It is providing me with a couple of hefty sized plum tomatoes every couple of days, which I accumulate until there are sufficient numbers to peel and freeze.  



Today’s harvest, beans, a few tomatoes and 7 eggs.

     Tonight we will feast on fresh pasta from the farmer’s market, spicy Italian Sausages, also from the farmer’s market, and a big pot of homemade sauce, entirely from our garden harvest.  The onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, and herbs picked right out the side of the yard in the farm garden or from herb pots on the back deck.  There will be plenty to enjoy and enough to freeze at least a couple more meals worth for our enjoyment later in the season.



     A handful of those fresh beans, sauteed with olive oil and garlic and we will feast like royalty.

Life is good on our mountain farm.