This time of the year, the woods surrounding our farm allow for voyeuristic peeks. This is especially true if there is a light layer of snow on the ground. The floor of the forest loses the scrub brush that obscures it during the growing seasons. The deer and turkeys can be seen slipping in and out of its edges into the fields. If our local neighbors followed the state guidelines to wear blaze orange, visible 360 degrees, we would be able to see them as they move through the woods beyond our property on their hunt for the deer.


Today is the first day of firearms hunting season for deer. Today is gray, hazy from fog and from smoke from two wildfires a couple hours away. Today is the kind of day when we normally see the deer and the turkey in our lower field, but it almost as if they sense their imminent danger and they stay hidden from our view. Perhaps it is just their superior vision and sense of smell that make them scarce.

Personally, I will be glad when they again make their appearance, as I love to watch them graze and move about the woods and fields.