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Ever since I met my husband, James Stafford, more than 37 years ago, he has wanted to be a writer.  After we married, he wrote a book, I typed it on an old Olivetti manual typewriter that I had been given as a high school graduation present by my parents.  The book was edited and retyped again on the old typewriter shortly after our first child was born and then retyped yet again once we bought our first computer, on the big floppy disks.  After that, due to family responsibilities and job responsibilities, it got set aside.  When he retired a couple of years ago, he rekindled his spark to write and publish, so he dusted off the old paper copy of the book, revised it, changing its course somewhat, decided it was way too long for even a historical novel and broke it into three parts.  Again, we worked together to get it typed on the computer and he edited and rewrote and edited again.

As of yesterday, I am proud to announce that he is now published.  The book can be obtained here http://goo.gl/5JL2mW on Amazon and here http://goo.gl/GOFUjc on Kindle store. (I don’t seem to be able to make these simple links, but if you copy and paste they go to the correct sites.  Alternatively, you can go to Amazon or Kindle and search for the title, Mfecane.)

If you are a reader of historical fiction, or just want to help out a budding new author, please buy and read a copy either the paperback or the ebook and share it with other readers.  You can check out his blog at Jamesstaffordauthor.com.