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When our eldest son, RT was about the age his son is now, 8 years old, he would make potions.  Fortunately, even 30 years ago, I was conscious of what was in our house and had very few scary products.  He would generally start with a good dash of Dr. Bonner’s Liquid soap and add various kitchen powders, toothpaste or whatever he could sneak out.  Twice, he and his neighbor buddy made a potion that involved some hot peppers pilfered from my garden and for a few hours, we had two miserable boys.  Note, I said, twice as they didn’t learn the first time.

I had nearly forgotten about those times, when one afternoon, late in our house construction, found me on the new back deck with a makeshift table, a hot plate and a huge pot, making gallons of petroleum free floor wax for the newly installed hardwood and pine floors.  He saunters out and smugly looked at me and said, “Look who is making potions now!”  We both had a good laugh over that.

Today was potion day again, making two batches of lotion bars, laundry soap, and dishwasher powder.  I like to know what goes into my products that I use, be able to pronounce all of the ingredients and know that they are safe.





Making them myself, satisfies my requirements and is so much less expensive than the products in the store.

We are still good on handcrafted soap, so that doesn’t need to be done again soon, except I have a friend who wants to learn, so we may make a batch anyway.

Life is good on our mountain farm.