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We should all have one.  Mine is now 90 years 7 months old.  This weekend he spent with us and I was delighted.  This role model is my father.  He still takes great care of himself, walking for an hour each morning that isn’t raining and the temperature is at least at the freezing point or above preparing most of the meals for my step mom and him with an eye to their health.  He drives within his city, with the care that a 90 year old should take.  He delivers Meals on Wheels to other seniors, some decades younger than he.  Liberal in his political views, he works with a Peace Making Committee in his region with the wish that our world could see world peace.

He was raised to be a loving and respectful son, educated and independent.  Throughout my childhood and my siblings childhood, he instilled within us a challenge to become trained or educated to be able to be independent adults.  This was a life lesson that I took very seriously, completing two college degrees to be able to work within the education system for 37 years.

When we still lived on the east coast of the state, holidays were often shared, cookouts and birthdays together.  With us having moved across the state, our visits together are sporadic and any visit with him is a treasure.  We have just been given 3 1/2 days of his company as my step mom and her cousin were in a nearby city at a State Garden Club conference.  This allowed us to enjoy his company, to take him out to dinner with one of his nieces and her husband, to have lunch another day with some friends from his church who have also moved to this community in retirement.  We were able to take him through the campus from which he graduated 67 years ago, to look for places he frequented as a student, young husband and new father, as I was born during his final semester.  He was in the class of 1945, but his education was disrupted by a military tour during WWII.

He is from a family that enjoyed long lives and I hope that we have many more years of his company.


This morning, during our latest snow storm, we drove him back to Roanoke for him to ride back to the coast with my Step Mom and her cousin.  A wonderful visit.