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The morning sight.  Yesterday we awoke to it snowing and quickly providing ground cover, but not so much on the roads.  The temperature hovering right around the freezing mark, thick gray clouds and we were driving an hour east to take my Dad who had been visiting for a few days, back to meet my step mom and her cousin who had been in a hotel there for a Garden Club conference.  By afternoon, the sun was breaking out, the snow melted, but we continued to have bands of heavier snow that really weren’t accumulating.  It was still near freezing at bed time and the mountain wind had picked up.  Apparently it decided winter wasn’t quite over yet in spite of the calendar, because this morning we awoke to the snow cover and this


It is supposed to be springlike again by week end with rain and thunderstorms, but today is a winter day.  Yesterday the chickens would not come out of their coop until they could see the ground and then they fled back in when it started snowing to come out back out with the sun.

This morning, they were confused and again did not want to leave the coop.  I kicked around the straw so they could see it and since their ramp was clear, most of them came out to get food and water.  When checking for eggs, I found this


The Delaware on the bottom, trying to lay her egg and a huge Buff Orpington trying to move her over so they could share the box.  Maybe she thought they would be warmer that way.  There are 5 other boxes, but interestingly, the 9 hens often all use the same box or the one at the opposite end of the row, rarely is there an egg in one of the middle 4.  Crazy chickens.

Life is always an adventure on our mountain farm.