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A record, 3 days in a row of sunshine and temperatures that are late springlike and it is showing around the farm.  The grass is greening and by August I will wish it weren’t as I mow and mow, but it is a welcome sight.  The lilac leaves are bursting forth and the forsythia has a yellowish hint of flowers soon to come.  The peach trees have swelling buds as do the Asian pears.


The beautiful weather has sparked the energy that the winter sapped and much as been accomplished.  The garage clean-up is about half done, the chicken run is complete except for the two wooden posts for the gate and I need the neighbor’s post driver for that, Jim and I hauled the chicken tractor over in front of the unused side of the compost bins and I erected fencing to create a pen for the cull birds this spring and the meat birds this fall.


Between the coop and the compost bins there used to be two more compost bins that eldest son and I took down when we put the coop in place.  There was plenty of good compost still there so a tractor bucket full was moved to the garden and spread around.  My 4 x 4 wooden boxes in the garden are rotting away, so I pulled several of them out and will just revert to long 4′ wide rows.  After the scoop of compost was removed, I realized that the spot would be a perfect potato bed, so some raking to smooth the surface and try to level it some was done, then weeding and planting of peas.  The garden has a good healthy crop of garlic up, the grapes and all but one berry bush are leafing out and the peas are finally in the ground.  There is more weeding to do in preparation for planting in a few weeks, but after three days of work, I’m spent.

I’m cleaned up, vegging out until time to go pick up my car from the shop and go socialize and knit with my friends.

Life is an adventure on our mountain farm.