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Today is beautiful, no Easter snow, thank goodness.  Bright sun, azure blue sky, calm wind, and grass, oh my it has grown in a week.  It must be at least a foot high in the back.  It will have to be mowed this week or we will start bringing ticks indoors and I don’t want that.  I started the tractor and used it to move some compost and some old wood a few weeks ago, so I know it is running.  The lawnmower for right around the house hasn’t been started yet, but it was only used a few times after it was purchased late last summer, so hopefully, it also will run.  Fuel is needed for both and since it is Easter Sunday, that purchase will have to wait until tomorrow or the next day, though the little general store/gas station in the town is open today.

The chicks are now more than 6 weeks old and did fine in the coop while I was away, in spite of several below freezing nights.  Last night they were all on the perches in the coop, lined up like big girls instead of huddled in a corner.  Today they are getting outdoor time.


Though they still sound like chicks, they look like small chickens.  They poked their head from the temporary pen into the permanent pen and promptly got pecked.  Now the hens and Cogburn have lost interest and the chicks are foraging the long grass for new treasures.


Shadow and the chicks being desensitized to each other.  She would lie down quietly by the pen until I moved and then she bolted away.  Since the electric fence is now only around two sides of the vegetable garden, the dogs can get right up to the chicken pens and they weren’t used to being able to do that.  At first the chickens are alarmed, but I am trying to get the dogs so they don’t activate prey instinct when the chicken flap and run, I would like for the chickens to have some free range time without being chased by the dogs.  She did really well and the chicks quickly ignored her.  The dogs need to learn that they are farm dogs and can’t chase everything that moves or flies.

2014-04-20 14.48.11

And of course there is time for tug-o-war with the big ball on a rope.  Ranger was working on drop it and leave it, then I would throw it out into the yard for a chase and tug session.

Life is an adventure on our mountain farm.