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We have all had them, right?  The burned toast or worse, empty pan on the hot burner.  If you own a microwave, you learn that bags must be pierced with a hole to release steam, lids must be loosened.  But sometimes our mind wanders or is on other “more important” issues and we have a kitchen mishaps.  I started my day with one, triggering this post.

A decade or so ago, I was still working and had to be at work by 7 a.m., yes, I know that is early and I never wanted to eat that early, so I began a routine of taking something that could be warmed in the microwave for my breakfast.  Usually that was a pair of boiled eggs and a chunk of cheese.  The eggs were chopped and warmed slightly as I don’t care for them cold from the fridge.  Last night I wanted a hard cooked egg with our cold Mediterranean supper and salad.  Since I raise chickens for eggs, the eggs are fresh and don’t peel well when boiled, but do beautifully when steamed, but it takes much longer to cook them that way and since I set up the steamer, I decided to cook a couple extra for breakfast.  This morning, without thinking, I popped the bowl with two peeled hard cooked eggs in the microwave for less than a minute.  I forgot to cut them in half first and was busy cutting cheese when POW, one egg all over the inside of the microwave.  Quickly I turned it off, removed the bowl and began the cleanup so it wouldn’t harden, leaving the second egg in the bowl on the counter.  Once the microwave was cleaned, I turned to chop the what should be the now cooled second egg and as soon as I cut into it, it too exploded, not quite as bad, leaving most of it still in the bowl.  The kitchen is cleaned up and I will remember next time to cut the eggs in half or prechop and only warm for 30 seconds.

This brought back memories of other kitchen mishaps.  The time I was making a hot salsa that I had learned about by watching the housekeeper/cook when visiting Mexico a decade ago.  It requires that the hot ingredients be placed in a blender and blended, adding a few other ingredients later.  I forgot to put the lid on the blender and had hot salsa on the walls, floor and ceiling of the kitchen.

Or the time I went to pour boiling water from the tea kettle over my tea in a mug not realizing the water had been boiling longer than I thought and it perked and spewed out all over my Color Nook, ruining it.
What is you most disastrous kitchen mishap?