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Olio: a miscellaneous collection of things

Today the post is all over the place.  First, chickens are mean.  This is the result of the hens establishing pecking order.


One of the hens has pecked the upper wing of several of the others, plucking their feathers, but not drawing blood.  The shake up has allowed the feathers to begin growing back in.


Her bare back is the result of the over zealous rooster.  He is picking on the hens in the cull pen now and this gals feathers are coming back out as well.


Go away and give me some privacy!  I’m trying to lay an egg.

The lace on the shawl on which I was working, did not win!  I did.  The shawl was completed this afternoon as Jim watched the last rounds of the football draft.  I am pleased with the finished product.  It is fairly generous in proportion, the color is rich, and the leaf lace border is interesting.  It is currently being blocked with hopes that it will be dry to wear with a skirt to Mother’s Day Brunch at Mountain Lake Lodge tomorrow.

20140510_192210 20140510_204059


It is pinned to a double bed to give you an idea of it’s size.

This afternoon, our daughter sent an adorable picture of her daughter and she gave me permission to share.  I particularly enjoyed the photo because when our daughter, our second child was born, I was excited to have a little girl to dress up.  I took a smocking class and made dresses and bonnets.  As soon as she was old enough to assert her opinion, which was quite early, she always wanted pants, sweaters or t shirts and mismatched socks.  I would buy her skirts for school and she would pull out pants instead.  She was an athlete, playing soccer for years and softball in middle school.  When she found out she was pregnant for the second time, she told everyone that if she had a girl, she would not put her in pink.  She decorated the nursery with a musical theme in greens, blues, teal and brown.  Now that this little princess is old enough to assert her opinion, she chooses skirts and dresses.  This is her afternoon outfit.



Life and good, I love being a Mom and a Grandmom.