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As spring began and I set out to refill the deck pots with flowers and herbs, I discovered two Preying Mantis egg cases on a spent Geranium in one of the pots.  I carefully cut the cases off and placed one in the new Rosemary plant and the other in a pot of parsley that overwintered in the house.

I have been watching them for the past couple of weeks, knowing that they would soon hatch.  This morning, the one in the parsley rewarded me with this glimpse into the life cycle.


One of the cases with emerging nymphs.


A few of the tiny creatures, making their way to the sun.


There are hundreds of them on the plant and working their way to the outside of the deck.

20140512_093743 1

Two that have made their way to the sunny side of a deck post.

I am glad that I saw this miracle occur today.  The Preying Mantis are welcome on our farm, one of the more interesting and voracious predators of unwanted pests.