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We had almost 2″ of rain yesterday.  The creeks are roaring and the low spots are soggy.  After a few hours of dry out this morning, I attacked more of the garden, prepping it for seed and baby plants within the next couple of days.  It amazes me how quickly the weeds grow.  Just a few weeks ago, I dumped a tractor bucket of compost into one of the beds to spread it around and build up the bed where it was dumped.  This is what it looked like today.


Lambs quarter, jimsonweed, oxalis, wild geraniums, Bermuda grass and these two I can’t identify but they are generous contributors to the disarray.


This is what a couple of hours of work have accomplished with muddy knees and grubby nails.


Ready for an assortment of hot and sweet peppers.  A bed that wintered covered in straw wasn’t as bad and the few weeds that did emerge were dispatched and will be planted with carrots, bush beans, cucumbers and summer squash tomorrow.  The tomato bed was also covered over the winter and needs only a little work, but there are still 2 1/2 paths that need effort.  In another few days, the garden will be cleaned up, planted and just maintenance required until harvest.  I have pumpkins and winter squash seed, but can’t figure out a place to put them.  Maybe they can be planted on the edge of the grape bed and trained into the adjacent path.

My efforts kept Mr.and Mrs. Bluebird upset and I had to keep moving away so they could feed their littles,


but I did sneak a peek before I left the garden.  I can’t tell how many are in there, it is too high to peek in.  One time when I walked away to let them feed, I went over to collect eggs and stumbled on this fellow.

20140516_142750 1

I encouraged him to move on.  I like them in the yard, but not quite so close to the coops.

Life is an adventure on our mountain farm.