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When I used to be employed outside the house, housecleaning  and laundry always had to be done on weekends or in short spurts after work.  This past weekend was spent in doing more enjoyable things, going to the farmer’s market, playing outside in the dirt and with two big dogs that live in the house, there is a constant need to vacuum and dust.

Today, while Jim went off on his motorcycle for a ride, I tackled all three floors of our house.  Sweeping, damp mopping, dusting, cleaning and scrubbing, floors, tables, bathrooms, kitchen.  It looks good, but I know that by tomorrow, there will already be dog hair and dust again.

The injured pullet is still hanging in there, but I am afraid she may still fail, her injuries are so extreme.  She misses her siblings and perks up when I walk past her crate.  There is no way that I can put her in with them.  The Americana, in spite of me having clipped a wing, still is figuring out how to get from coop pen into the cull pen over a 4 foot fence.  I don’t see anywhere that she can get under it, but she shouldn’t be able to fly over.  If she is so desperate to be with Cogburn, I’m leaving her there until he gets moved back with the Buff’s.