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The middles are now 13 weeks old and the injured one seems to be recovering and was returned to the coop today with supervision to see if the others would leave her alone and they accepted her right back into the flock.  Her injuries are healing and her feathers cover the injuries, so I think all will be well.

Since I lost one and have decided that the Olive egger will be culled in July, I returned to the farm where the rest of my Buffs have come from and purchased 3 pullets that are 15 weeks old.  That hopefully will give me 14 egg layers by late July.  If I keep Cogburn, my flock will be 15 Buff Orpingtons and will be a self sustaining flock as broody hens will be allowed to raise chicks for replacements and meat in future years.


All of my Buffs have come from the same farm, a year ago, 13 weeks ago and tonight.  After talking with the breeder, I think that I can put the new girls in the coop tonight and let them all wake up together tomorrow.  There are only two adults in the coop and they are as docile as the middles.

The Breeder lives in Floyd County, and the town of the Floyd has the best pizza restaurant around.  The Dogtown Roadhouse has specialty wood fired thin crust pizza and many choices of microbrews.  We left in time to enjoy our dinner there first with their Kitchen sink pizza and each having a different microbrew.  The perfect end to a great week.

Life is an adventure on our mountain farm.